Arm Wrestling Rules

Arm wrestling requires power, strength but all arm wrestlers must confine themselves to the rules of the game. Arm wrestling has some very strict rules that must be followed by the players or they face immediate disqualification from the game. The arm wrestling rules are summarized below:

  1. Both players must be square to the arm wrestling table prior to the starting of a given match
  2. At the start of a game, both players’ shoulders should not be less than a fist distance apart from their hands
  3. Players must start after they hear ‘Ready and Go”
  4. In order to constitute a pin, you can touch any part of the other player’s fingers, forearm or wrist
  5. You cannot touch your body with any of your hands during a competition
  6. If you commit a foul three times, you will be disqualified from the match
  7. For whatever reason the grip falls apart, the grip is placed in its right alignment again
  8. If any of the player’s position is such that his arm can hurt or break, the referee can stop the match right away and rule it as a foul
  9. The arm wrestling match should be started with one foot on ground. Once you hear ‘go’, you can lift your feet from the ground
  10. If any of the player’s takes out his elbow from the pocket but no position is gained, and it the elbow goes back in the pocket, the match referee may issue an instant verbal warning
  11. For any unsportsmanlike conduct, the referee can give a disciplinary foul
  12. If the competitor’s elbow is out of the pocket when he makes the pin, it is considered as a foul and the arm wrestling match will restart
  13. Both players must maintain full contact with the peg at the time of the pin
  14. False starting the match will result in a foul
  15. Before the ‘go’, you can only wrap 1 finger in the hand-grip
  16. All decision made by the referee are final

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  1. Rukukho

    If the competitors move his body during the match,will that be consider as foul ?


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