Insanity Max 30 Workout Review

Not sure if you have noticed, but a big trend in arm wrestling training these days is high interval training, including WODS “Crossfit” & other circuit type workouts. Of course this training cannot replace traditional arm wrestling training, but I think it has a great place in your workout regimen. Why? Granted you are not running in place at the table or doing burpees, but depending on how long your match is you need stamina and you need recovery! Incorporating this type of training is going to help you tremendously. If you have done the T25 workout or the Insanity workout then the new Max 30 workout is going to be perfect!

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What we have all been waiting for so anxiously is finally here, the all new insanity max 30 workout, nothing less than a thirty minute intense fitness boot camp. In my opinion the new work out has proved that it has been worth the wait, it has taken fitness and exercise to a brand new innovation with its ultra-intensive regime of which you which immediately realize the difference if you have tried out the insanity or T25 workout. My ultimate aim in going for the insanity max 30 workout was to overcome my shortcomings from my previous experiences with the other of Shaun T’s workouts, trying to test myself as much as I could.

Max 30, what is ‘new’ about the new insanity workshop and what makes it different from Insanity or T25?

  • As the name suggests, the insanity max 30 workshop is thirty minutes long, which makes it a non-stop 30 minute routine. The package this workout presents is that it contains more than 150 new moves and sequences, since I had not expected such an extreme challenge I was forced to push myself to limits never pushed before. It is indeed very stimulating and challenging, but I guess that’s the whole thrill in the new insanity max 30 workout, leaving you finding it very sweaty and very difficult. The new insanity max 30 workout starts from 30 minutes and can go upto whatever gets you into good shape, something you would want if you put in all this time and effort. I think I started off fairly well, beginning with around 12 minutes initially and then going up to 15 and taking it straight to completion from there which is good notch above beginner levels.
  • The workout runs in two phases of 30 days and the format of each 30 day workshop follows the pattern where you get just ten seconds off after doing twenty seconds, so these are basically the sweat breaks you get which a lot like the Tabata style, in this way there is no worry of getting no time for recovery. For those people like myself who are all set to begin the weekend the best part of the workout is the Friday routine, which is in its true sense complementary to its name max 30, which makes you go to your max and is the most challenging of them all, confined time of 30 minutes devoted to pure cardio.

Do you need any equipment for the insanity max 30 workout?

  • Absolutely not, there is no machinery or equipment that you require for the new insanity max 30 workout, just your commitment, will, determination, focus and the ability to just use your own body weight for the exercises. All you put in to get so much more in return for a fit self.

What is the new insanity max 30 workout going to be like?

  • In effect you will actually be doing either three cardio or doing strength moves for a few seconds. This will be a very high intensity workout with intervals is as best as it can get and which ultimately aims at burning calories and fat successfully. It will start with a warm up, then comes a quick break, followed by this there are three exercises and thirty seconds each which is essentially three rounds of each of the exercises for four and a half minutes. After this, you will get a 30 second break and then you repeat this for the 5 rounds in total. News also is especially of interest to those who have initiated the new work out and those who graduated from the insanity and T25, in the second month Shaun T will putting in some more features to improve even further the outcome of the new insanity max 30 workout. When I watched the reviews before I could get to the new workout, it certainly looked very challenging but looked like there were very similar moves like the ones for insanity and T25, however, when I actually got started with it there was so much that I did not expect so certainly a few surprises and different developments.
    Be optimistic and challenge yourself, just like I did with myself, do not at any point give up on yourself if it is taking you a few rounds to catch up with the workout, I had to keep myself motivated too.

insanity-max30Will it cost me anything?

  • Since I did not have to spend anything on any sort of equipment, gear or machinery, the $119.95 cost of the new insanity max 30 workout seems very reasonable to me. All one has to do is to devote time and self towards a long term benefit, consider it an investment. Interestingly, Beachbody comes with various challenge packs, as they call them, with which you can also try out shakeology which will give you both the workout and the shake ant considerably discounted rates, so give it a try, commitment is key to its success.

If I have already tried Shaun T’s workouts, should I still be going for this?

  • Personally, I love trying out new things especially those I enjoy and have been doing for some time consistently. All you need to keep in mind is that you will need to push yourself real hard it has left people insane after the first 10 minutes and this is 30! This workout does come with a couple of surprises but that is the catchy bit to it since its offering new techniques which promise great results, better than before, otherwise it just would not be a new and improved max 30 workout. Following the diet plans will also ensure good results.
    When is it going to be out?

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