Game Of Arms

game-of-armsWell if you have not watched Game of Arms yet then I suggest you give it a look. I really feel this show is going to open up the world of arm wrestling to the main stream. Is that something we want? I would imagine many people have different takes on it, but I think it will be a positive overall.


  • More coverage of events = more $$ to be made
  • Bigger sponsors
  • More tournaments

Overall more access to arm wrestling over all!


What Is Game Of Arms?

In a nutshell… the show is a look into the tough and very competitive world of arm wrestling in the USA.  What happens is the series follows members of five different clubs. They come from Baton Rouge, LA, Sacremento, CA, New York, NY, Kansas City, KS, and Eria, PA.

They do backgrounds on most of the guys and it is pretty cool to hear the stories and see the real history of arm wrestling. Guys age in rank from their 20’s to their 50’s. The old dudes are tough, but you can tell some are starting to show their ages, while other guys just plow through people like it’s nothing.

The best part is the trash talking and the history of certain rivals that have been going on for years. When they get to the table it is time to settle! It gets pretty intense and I am surprised more fights do not break out. You can tell some guys respect the sport more then others, but at the end of the day most seem to show respect whether they win or lose.

If you ever wanted to know more about how arm wrestling works then check out Game of Arms on AMC on Tuesdays 10/9c

I hope to really dig deep and get a full cast bio going, but for now here is the basic info of the teams. We will also be creating a page for profiles of other top arm wrestlers as well.

Game Of Arms Cast

Ca-arm-bendersSacramento Arm Benders

  • Tom Nelson

  • Kenny Hughes

  • Allen Fisher

  • Mike McGraw

  • Luke Kindt

KS-rolling-thunderKansas City Rolling Thunder

  • Ethan Fritsche

  • Bill Logsdon

  • Don Underwood

  • Andrew "Cobra" Rhodes

  • Nick ZinnaBaton

LA-roughnecksBaton Rouge Roughnecks

  • Craig Tullier, Josh "Turbo" Borrow,

  • Derrick Self (sidekick)

  • Matt "Chop" Bertrand

  • Jerry Avanti

  • Larry Alexie

  • Ray Hennerichs

nyc-arms-controNYC Arms Control

  • Kevin Nelson

  • Dan Fortuna

  • Mike Selearis

  • Mike Ayello

  • Rob Bigwood

PA-wrecking-crewErie Wrecking Crew

  • Travis Bagent

  • Dave Chaffee

  • John Heynoksi Jr.

  • James Wagner

  • Bart Wood

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