Forearm Workouts For Increased Grip Strength

When most people think about arm wrestling they think it all comes down to how strong you are. More importantly how strong your arms are.

We all know grip strength and forearm power is needed, but technique plays  HUGE roll in the sport of arm wrestling so DO NOT forget that.

We see a lot of guys bulking up, doing all sorts of crazy workouts only to get beat by guys are half their size because their technique sucks!

No matter what grip strength training you do it cannot take place of time training on the actual arm wrestling table.


Yes I Train For Arm Wrestling!

In the past few years, arm wrestlers from across the world have developed specialized training workouts for arm wrestling. Using gym or home based equipment, anyone can train for professional arm wrestling competitions. However, it is important to note that not all gyms have specialized equipment for training for arm wrestling. Thus you may have to join a gym that has equipment for this or gather the required equipment and make a training area at home. Through the following arm wrestling specific exercises, you can learn how to make your forearms stronger, develop powerful hands and wrists to take on the big names in the arm wrestling world.

What are the specific exercises for arm wrestling?

Arm wrestlers have develop specific kinds of training workouts that can really help you hone your skills and bring power into your arms. These exercises are categorized as following:

  • High speed training
  • Strength traininghow to increase grip strength
  • Endurance training

These exercise groups are similar in nature. The only difference you may find is the consistency and training intensity. By this, we mean that you may need to increase weights for strength training and reduce repetitions or increase repetitions and reduce weight for endurance. Following are some of the most popular forearm arm wrestling exercises that can be performed at home using arm wrestling training equipment or at the gym that offers one.

Biceps Lifting Hammer Hold

  • In this exercise, you rest your arm on the elbow pad and make a 90 degree angle with your arm while holding the dumbbell. The exercise is performed exactly the same way you would perform a bicep hammer routine, except that you only need to rest your arm on the elbow pad. When performing this exercise, your idea weight should be challenging enough when you are performing at least 8-12 reps. If at any time you feel not being challenged, increase the weight. Do three sets of this exercise.

Wrist lifting

  • The wrist lifting exercise is great for developing strength in the wrist. This exercise is a bit different from your typical wrist lifting exercise because A) it must be performed on an elbow pad on an arm wrestling table and B) it is performed using a special dumbbell designed for arm wrestling training. On this dumbbell a weight load is added in the center to balance gravity. Using an angle of 90 degrees, simply perform wrist lifts. You must be able to perform 8-12 reps on this exercise. Feel free to increase weight if you are not feeling challenged.


  • The pronator exercise is another great exercise for developing your wrist strength. It is performed using a specialized dumbbell while the arm is placed on an elbow pad. The dumbbell has one side without weights and has a twisting handle so you can perform a twist with it. Simply perform a bicep twist with this and keep your bicep muscles contracted. Once you start, you must be able to perform at least 8-12 reps in a single set. If it feels really easy, feel free to increase weights.

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