Ethan Fritsche

This South Park Clip Has Always Cracked Me Up!

When most people think of “Gamers” they sometimes think of fat, pimply faced kids sitting in their basements glued to an xbox or play station controller. >>>>>>>>>

On the other hand the last thing you think about with dudes that play video games is a bad a** Arm Wrestler named Ethan Fritsche!

I still remember watching Ethan on Game of Arms for the first time and saying to myself… wow that kid is STRONG!!

He was mowing people down and his training look pretty sick and the fact he was learning from Andrew “Cobra” Rhodes made him even more of a threat!

At 22 years old Ethan has a great future in the sport of Arm Wrestling. I think we can all agree that this sport is about to take on huge growth and popularity and Fritsche is going to be a name to watch out for… well he already is to be honest.

I have spoken with Ethan on Facebook and I hope to do some sort of online interview with him and get an accurate BIO set up so stand by for that!

Video Of Ethan In Action

Enjoy some pictures of Ethan below….Ethan-ual ethan-ar




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