Devon Larratt

Devon-LarrattDevon Larratt is one of the best arm wrestlers in the world. Born on April 24th 1975, weighing 245 pounds and measuring 6’6 in height, Larrat, who is originally from Ottawa, has won various arm wrestling titles in the past including the national champ award which he won 5 times, 4 bronze worlds and the Master of the Universe Award.

He is an incredibly strong man. He is admired for his competency in arm wrestling sport by aspiring arm wrestlers and his fans. Devon Larrat has a successful record of beating men from various areas in arm wrestling. What helps him excel in the sport are certain arm wrestling techniques and his overall strength and fitness.

Devon Larrat On Arm Wrestling

  • Devon Larratt just doesn’t happen to be the number 1 arm wrestler in the world. In fact, the wrestler trains hard and follows certain training regimens to stay on the top of his game. According to Devon, arm wrestling is not just a grip and rip affair. It involves a lot more than just that. For instance, there are strategies, tactics and various training methodologies involved in an arm wrestling match.
  • In the words of Larrat, arm wrestling is all about negative strength. You will never curl a person up- you set your muscles and lock it and lean back, which is Devon’s winning strategy.

Devon Larrat’s Arm Wrestling Training Principle

  • Devon Larratt has time and again emphasized on the importance of working on improving your rising strength to become an arm wrestling champion. There are many names used for rising strength including post, back pressure, up pressure and others.

What Is Rising Strength?

  • Devon Larrat regards rising strength as the most crucial technique involved in arm wrestling. Rising is bicep driven- your body locks, your bicep locks and you are driving up the small muscles that are also locked. Working on your rising strength according to Devon Larratt is the key to become a great arm wrestler. Moreover, while you are training and improving your rising strength, remember that if your bicep or hand opens up, it means your rising strength is reducing.
  • Whoever gets a higher grip and rising strength in the beginning of a match, they can use their bicep and have greater chances of winning the match. Rising strength contributes to the technical strength involved in an arm wrestling match. According to Devon, whoever has a better rising strength can enforce with more power to its opponent in a match and will also get sort of an upper hand in a match. Higher rising strength during the start of the match will get you an advantage over your opponent from the very start.

How To Get Started On Building Your Rising Strength?

  • If arm wrestling is your passion but you don’t have any equipment to get started on training, Devon advises to hit a gym and find a preacher curl bar or bench. These two are the perfect equipment for improving rising strength. You can rise anywhere on the table and not just in up front position. Training with the preacher curl will allow you to improve your bicep motion, which will ultimately produce positive results on the table. Training your biceps rigorously is not just what arm wrestling is about. In fact according to the number 1 right handed arm wrestler in the world, it is more about working on locking your bicep than just train it. Learning how to lock your bicep will improve control, motion and resistance and ultimately power and strength.

Internal Strength In Arm Wrestling

  • Whenever one thinks of arm wrestling, they think about a strong exterior. Moreover, in arm wrestling matches, a common scenario is that both participants try to go up high and eventually end up losing control. According to Devon, this happens when both participants try to play arm wrestling from the outside. Devon believes that arm wrestling is more about the inside. The inside involves your own perception, strength and factors such as how well you have trained and worked to improve your inner strength will play a crucial role in helping you win against your opponent.
  • What people think about arm wrestling is that it is either going right or left on the table. The secret behind Devon’s strength and success in arm wrestling is that he focuses on the extensions rather than body movement and elevated rising strength. In Devon’s own words, the golden rule of arm wrestling is to make your opponent chase you and make him come to you!

Eating Habits And Improved Strength

  • Along with training, Devon’s strength has a lot to do with his diet. Devon is a natural athlete. At the age of 18-19, Devon was super skinny and extremely hungry. In his initial 2 tournaments, he further shed weight however shortly after, he got a unique job which provided him with 2 smart nutritional plans. The nutritional plans involved full buffet meals that eventually helped Devon improve his weight. When Devon started weight training and worked to improve his strength, he started eating massive meals before going to sleep. The wrestler also used supplements such as creatine monohydrate prior to 3-6 weeks of a competition. Devon has also had many other supplements to fuel his energy and strength including amino acids, proteins, vasodilators among others.

2 thoughts on “Devon Larratt

  1. Kohn

    Devon is a beast. Top notch in not only strength but his knowledge of the sport. They don’t get much better than him!!

  2. Keith sawyer

    I agree 100% with devon i broke my arm in last tournament tryed to finish match to quickly by jumping up and pressing that was my mistake think i could have Finnish him using back pressure and patience. Trying to make comeback having trouble with hand from nerve damage lost some of my rising strength small muscle on top of wrist and arm iam 48 years old got more armwrestling strength now than i did when i was young training some young guys 1 a week i really enjoy that do you think its possible for me to be a successful armwrestler at this point in life i was pretty good wen i broke my arm i was in third place in masters would have won 1 place in right & left novice did not loose 1 match until i broke my arm there was 4 runners up in novice and some of the guys i beat have already put the other guys out i think devon larret is great i belive in negative training also i learned alot from devon .iam still scared to press i stay away from pressing and use backpressure and rise


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