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Quad On Arm Wresting Table

That’s Brady!>>>> He is testing the strength of one of his tables by driving on it with a quad!

He owns and operates Combat Armsports and makes some pretty Bad A** Arm Wrestling tables!

Brady is hands on with every table they build and even packs and ships those bad boys out to their new homes!

This is why Combat Armsports is quickly becoming the leader in selling solid, quality, arm wrestling tables that are not only unique and customizable, but have a great price point.

brady working

Drilling Some New Tables

This is Brady getting his hands dirty getting a new table ready! >>>

We are really glad that we partnered up with them since one of the number one topics we get in our emails is where can I buy and arm wrestling table!

Honestly there were a lot of cheap alternatives out there and we could have just sent them there, but we wanted to partner with a company that could deliver on quality and price. So that is my 2 cents on that!

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Why The Need For A Good Table Is Essential These Days

  • One of the most aggressive and adventurous sports that is popular nowadays is Arm wrestling. Professionally this sport is done on many different levels. Whether it be in someones garage, local events, or on a national scale. This is bringing so many new people into the sport that there is just one problem!? Where the heck do you get a quality arm wrestling to practice and compete on? Well here at Arm Wrestling Word we have tried to hook up with different table builders, but it was really tough finding someone who could make a quality table, in a timely fashion, with a good price point.

Step In… Combat ArmSports

  • Whether you’re a professional or a non-professional puller, all you want is one thing – TO WIN. You need to start with a solid foundation in order to win. Training is very important and for that you need the right equipment. Why train on an unsteady homemade table? The equipment from Combat ArmSports can help you complete and win. Their Arm Wrestling tables are built not only for training, but for competition. With over 20 years of fabrication and manufacturing experience, they know what it takes to make a solid table!

Combat ArmSports has an arm wrestling table at a professional grade and it provides everything for which a competitive arm wrestling athlete could ask for. You have found the perfect arm wrestling table if you are searching for an extreme quality, professionally built arm wrestling table. These arm wrestling tables can be a perfect addition to any gym, school, and box or garage universally. For tournament specifications, these arm wrestling tables are built to spec. Country Crush and Wrist Wrench are using these tables too.

Beginners… Gotta Start Somewhere

  • If you are a beginner and want to enter this sport professionally and prepare the right way you need an arm wrestling table. The only way to get better is to practice on the table!  You can lift, strength train all you want, but if you do not know what you are doing or have hands on experience actually arm wrestling you are at a huge disadvantage.

Many people will tell you that arm wrestling training is not too expensive. This is true, to some extent. You can make a lot of things yourself and use existing weight training equipment. Heck you can even make your own table if you had too, but at the end of the day if there was anything in this sport to invest in, then that is a table like this.

We have seen so many make shift tables fall apart, or straight up just break! Not only does it ruin the good time lol, but you can really get hurt. There is so much force being created on those tables and to have it break or move on you is NOT a good thing.

Arm wrestling Tables of Past & Present:

A table that was tailored for sitting was used in nearly all arm wrestling tables before 1993, including the arm wrestling competition world championship held in 1993. But after 1993, arm wrestling competitions while sitting were gone from the world. Only the people who were disabled used sitting tables to compete for the arm wrestling competition. Standing table is better than sitting tables. The advantage of standing arm wrestling tables is that it allows the competitor to use all his/her strength with additional skills available to them.

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Arm Wrestling Table Specs:


  • A perfect arm wrestling table must be 40 inches tall counting it to the elbow pad from the floor. It should be 42 inches n height with the elbow pads included. Table Length= 26″ and Tale Length== 38″.

Elbow Pads

  • Elbow pads are made on the arm wrestling table so that there are no round corners left. They are designed to keep the arm wrestlers safe from any injury.

Table Top:

  • The top of the arm wrestling table is covered with scratch resistant leather which is artificial. The table top should be constructed using a board with special high quality rubber that are filled with elements that are soft in nature which makes the table top soft and feel comfortable.

Side Edges:

  • The arm wrestling table you buy should have soft corners, as a sharp corner can be very dangerous and cause great threat to the wrestler.


  • The grip should not be covered by rubber. They must be made with steel and plated with nickel. It is not allowed in any competition to have rubber grips.

A table with all of these features can be an ideal arm wrestling table and surely help improve your performance. After a lot of research on the physiology of arm wrestling you will know what a burden falls on the joints of the wrestler if the arm wrestling table is not soft enough. Combat ArmSports have specifically worked on the designs of the arm wrestling tables and selected the material. After seeing the bruises and the injuries on the bodies of the arm wrestlers, Combat ArmSports have designed the table that met all the requirements.

This is a very affordable sport and there is no need to spend crazy money on sports equipments from world’s brands. The only important equipment for this sport is the arm wrestling table. During trainings and competitions, table is under a huge burden and if there is any defect or gap in the structure, you can get serious injury. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the table for training and a table for competition should be identical.

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