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Arm Wrestling is a very popular sport for the aggressive and adventurous. The sport is done professionally by many arm wrestling competitors on many levels. Every year huge competitions take place where arm wrestlers from across the world enter and try to win the championships. But for someone who wants to enter this sport, and be prepared what would they need? For starters, professional arm wrestling training requires an arm wrestling table. These tables are specifically made for arm wrestling and can be used to practice and develop skills at home.

A lot of people will tell you that training for arm wrestling is cheap. This, to some extent, is true. To train for arm wrestling, you don’t need super expensive gear or equipment. Sure you could buy a lot of stuff, but you can also improvise and make your own. There are only a couple of things that you need before you can start. But the arm wrestling table is something that you can’t often save too much money on. The table is your best friend when you are training and this is why this equipment can often cost a lot and worth spending it on one or building a solid one yourself.


First of all, it is important to know which competition uses which table. Since there are several competitions, each having their own arm wrestling tables, you need to find out the right table for the right competition. If you train on the exact same table used by a certain tournament, you will not only be able to develop new skills and techniques on it, but you will also find it easier to compete in the competition. Every bit about the arm wrestling table can change the way you play the game. So keep in mind the dimensions of the table when you get one because even the smallest differences in dimensions can make a big impact.

A good table not only helps you hone your skills, but it is also a very safe investment because these tend to last very long.

Modern Day Arm Wrestling and Tables

  • Before 1993, nearly all arm wrestling competitions including the 1993 World Championship used a table that was tailored for sitting. After 1993, much of the sitting arm wrestling competition has gone from the world. Now only disabled arm wrestlers use sitting tables to compete. The advantage of using a standing table is that the competitor is able to use all his/her strength with additional skills available to them.


  • The ideal table must be 40 inches tall from the floor when counting it to the elbow pad. With elbow pads included, this should be 42 inches in height. No exceptions accepted on this. Elbow pads on a table are made so that there are no rounded corners left. These elbow pads are designed to help keep the wrestlers safe from injuries. Table Width = 26″ & Table Length = 38″

Side Edges

  • The table you buy must have soft corners-no exception on this rule because a sharp corner can easily pose massive threat to the wrestler.

Table Top

  • The table top must be constructed using a board covered with a very special rubber filled with elements that are soft in nature. The top is nearly always covered with abrasion resistant leather which is artificial in nature.


  • The grips should be made with steel and should be plated with nickel. Using rubber to cover the grip is not allowed in any competition so your table must also not have rubber grips.

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5 thoughts on “Arm Wrestling Tables

  1. kitso

    what height the professional table 101.6 cm ? and 5 cm pad total = 106.6
    . mazurenko table 104 cm pad..

  2. Jose Pinto

    How much do one of your armwrestling table sell for? and do you guy’s have any problem shiping to canada?

    1. admin Post author

      Jose we are in the middle of getting some things set up so stand by! Thanks for your patience

  3. Yahya

    I am planing to purchase an arm wrestling table in Sydney Australia. I would to know the cost.
    Please contact me.


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