Allen Fisher

allen-fisherThe arm wrestling sport is one of the most sought out sport by the aggressive and adventurous. While many take part in numerous arm wrestling competitions, only a few have made themselves a big name. One such name is Allen Fisher.

Allen was born in Los Angeles and started his arm wrestling career in 1979 with a very small tournament. From there on, Allen started developing his arm wrestling skills and worked up his way to the international World Championships held in the same year. He was encouraged to arm wrestle by Ernie Jeffery because he of his arm and hands. Ernie believed if Allen could further develop his hand and arms, he could easily crown himself as the world champion. Throughout the beginning of his career, Ernie helped Allen learn new techniques to fight in international championships.

  • During 1979, Allen was able to hold the 4th position in the nationals. He faced Jack Wynn who at that time was the best pullers known in the nation. Allen quickly joined Jack Wynn to train his arm wrestling skills. Allen always wanted to beat Jack even after losing several competitions to him. He promised him that one day he would emerge victorious and that dream soon became a reality. Three years from then, Allen had already won 2 local competitions and made his way to the world championships where he held the title every year. Allen kept dominating the ametuer division of the weight he wrestled at. After seeing his success and domination, many different arm wrestling associations asked Allen to move from his weight to a higher weight. From there on Allen kept winning the international titles.

In the year 1982, Allen met Carolyn Snow. Carolyn was born in Canada and came into the arm wrestling profession without warning. She first arm wrestled in her hometown and then gradually moved to national competitions. Later on Allen and Carolyn fell in love. Allen helped Carolyn develop new skills which she used to won further competitions. They both used to talk on phone and letters to keep their relationship going on.

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  1. Mike Ewald

    Hello Allen and Carolyn, I can’t tell you how inspired I have been with the Game of Arms and more importantly with your character and integrity throughout the program. I am a National Marketing Director with the Juice Plus+ company and I will be leaving on August 11 on a 1500 mile bike ride sharing JP+ along the way. The reason for my trip is a personal goal of getting healthier and sharing our message of hope along the way. I would like to promote various people within our JP community that have inspired along the way and you are one of those individuals. Would you be willing to allow me to use a picture of you and allow me to share your story on my facebook page? I don’t want to break any laws, I just want to share all the amazing people like yourself who have inspired me. Thank you for your consideration. Dr. Mike


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